Playbyte is building an app — available on the App Store — that lets anyone make and share fun games on their phone. We aspire to be the TikTok of Games, lowering the barriers to participation and raising the rewards for creativity to empower millions of individual creators. Our users are at the heart of what we do — we have a dedicated community which has come to expect great things when we ship and passionately looks forward to our biweekly updates.

Playbyte is looking for an experienced Senior Product Designer to help shape and deliver our new features at a high bar of polish for our users. The ideal candidate will have strong visual design skills, passion for engaging interaction design, and have had several years experience in designing and shipping mobile products.

Playbyte is a small development team where every member is both a leader and a creative collaborator. By joining us, you will help direct the trajectory of the product at every step and push your talent to new heights.


What We Seek